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Proudly Trans, Proudly Queer Performance Art


My heart is firmly in the Victorian Music Hall.  In my performance work, I explore and celebrate Queer history, and use the inherently political vehicle of a trans body.  

I am more than happy to talk about what it's like as a trans male burlesque dancer, and how this aspect comes out in my performance.

In Press and Interviews

WINNER: Top Banana (Best in Show) at Alternatease 2016 (Boston, MA)

FERCE! Burlesque Festival 2016 (Denver, CO) 

HEADLINER:  Philly Burlesque Fest (Philadelphia, PA) 2015

FERCE! Burlesque Festival 2015 (Pittburgh, PA) 


Flame Con 2015 (NYC)


2nd Annual Boylesque Festival Vienna 2015


Life Ball 2015 - GOLD (Vienna)


2nd and 3rd Annual NY Boylesque Festival (2013 + 2014)

1st Annual Nerdlesque Fest 2014 (NYC)


1st Annual Boylesque Festival Vienna 2014


Life Ball 2014 - Garten der Lüst (Austria)


Blender! at the Philly Trans Health Conference 2013 


Man: A Tease! Coney Island 2013

2010 - present

2010 - present

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